GTOutdoors s.r.l.s.



5.1 The sales prices of the products are expressed in Euro but do not include shipping costs, which will be added to the total amount due.

5.2 GTOUTDOORS reserves the right to change the prices shown on the website at any time. Under no circumstance shall GTOUTDOORS be held responsible for any price changes.

5.3 The prices indicated in the Italian language version of the website shall be deemed valid only for purchases made within Italy. The prices indicated in the English language version of the website shall be deemed valid for purchases made in countries other than Italy.



6.1 The customer agrees to pay the price of the purchased products with payment made through the secure servers of PayPal and in particular to pay either by credit card if the user does not have a Paypal account, or by Paypal account if the user already has a Paypal account.

6.2 The credit cards accepted by Paypal are: Visa, Maestro, Carta Aura, Discover, Master Card, American Express.

6.3 Payments by credit card are handled directly by the secure servers of PayPal, which thanks to the use of protocols with SSL128 bit encryption, certified verisign, ensure the security of online transactions. GTOUTDOORS is not therefore acquainted with the customer’s credit card data, with total respect for his or her privacy.

6.4 Once the order has been received, GTOUTDOORS, through the secure servers of Paypal, will make a pre-authorization request on the customer’s credit card to ensure that the latter has sufficient funds to complete the transaction.

6.5 Credit cards will be subject to verification and authorization by the credit card issuer. GTOUTDOORS disclaims all liability in the event of any failure to obtain authorisation from the institution in question. Once the contract has been executed in accordance with article 2.5 above, the charge made on the credit card will be definitive.

6.6 For users already registered on Paypal and who have an account, payment can be made directly through their Paypal account.

6.7 Payments can also be made by bank transfer and cash on delivery. A surcharge of 3 euros is required for cash on delivery.