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NEW ZEALAND - A wild adventure
19 July 2023

NEW ZEALAND - A wild adventure

Our adventure began in the region of Maniototo, where we spent a week hunting ungulates immersed in the uniqueness of the surrounding landscapes. There was no need to set the alarm, jet lag made us ready as soldiers long before the scheduled time. During the day we used to hunt accompanied by Steve, our guide. In the evening, we went back to our cabin, where the meat of the animals we hunted had become the food that accompanied us for almost all our stay. The hut was very cozy and was heated only by a wood stove that we loaded morning and evening. Already from the first day we felt at home... it was the perfect accommodation for us of #Bewild! Needless to say, the most curious will have to wait for the new episodes to find out what animals we hunted.

One of the most magical moments of these days, in addition to hunting, was for me riding with Charlie, a young boy passionate about rodeo. We walked through the open plains until the foothills of the mountain, the landscape reminded me a lot of my trip to the United States. At that moment, we experienced a unique connection with the peace that reigns in this place outside the world... I will never stop thinking that riding is one of the best ways to discover new lands. 

Next, we moved to Queenstown, an oasis for fishing lovers. Here, we threw our first lines into the transparent waters of Lake Wakatipu, hoping to catch trouts and salmons that Kate, our guide, had promised us so much. Andrea was definitely luckier than me and it was thanks to him if in the evening we had the opportunity to eat a delicious fish... finally something different after so much game.

But our journey did not stop here. We moved to the Auhriri Valley to hunt tahrs, a wild and rugged land, with no paths or directions. For the nights we found refuge in a simple hut, lacking luxury and modern amenities. But sleeping in such a context, without water, electricity and telephone connection made the experience even more intense, putting us in direct contact with nature and giving us the opportunity to fully enjoy this absolutely untouched environment. You’re probably wondering if we found the tahrs... yeah, we found them.

After the Auhriri Valley, we embarked on a road trip along the West Coast that gave us breathtaking views that we had never imagined before. Crossing winding roads in the middle of the rainforest, we met the ocean and in the background reigned the majestic mountains overlooking the horizon. The climate was definitely different from what we were used to until the day before, milder and wetter.

Finally we returned to Christchurch and it was almost time to come back, but we could not leave this land without having experienced the thrill of the bird hunt. James and Cam are two super crazy duck hunters who were waiting anxiously to share this experience with us. We spent two mornings together and there was immediately harmony. From the first light of dawn until late in the morning the passage of the ducks was constant and it was enough to look at Gravy, James’s Labrador, to understand the direction in which they would arrive.

New Zealand, with its wild grandeur, has given us an unforgettable experience. It awakened our deepest emotions, but it never went too far. And as we left those enchanted places, we knew that we would take with us the memories of those wild passages for a lifetime.

We spent almost two months traveling around the world between Africa and New Zealand, we tried new types of hunting, we met lovely people and discovered amazing places.
This year #Bewild was absolutely amazing and we look forward to sharing our experience with you! 

Stay tuned.

Giulia Taboga