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Gift Card

Gift Card

Do you want to surprise a loved one with a special gift?  The GT Gift Card is the answer. 

Especially when it is unexpected, you can really amaze and give that moment of genuine joy. Our motto is: "DRESS UP YOUR DREAMS AND LIVE YOUR ADVENTURE"... and with our gift card you will gift real emotions!


The Gift Card is the ideal gift for those who prefer to take their time and choose what they really like.


But how does this gift work?  

Choose the amount, the recipient’s email address and the dedication you want to share.

The Gift Card will be sent only in electronic format. Details such as amount, code and dedication will be included in the order confirmation email summary.


Our Gift Cards are available for amounts of 50-100-200 euros and the validity is 1 year. 


How wonderful is it to be surprised by something you don’t expect?

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